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Feedback from Owners of the SquidFace & ComfyRest Pillows
SquidFace & ComfyRest Pillow owners are finding many uses and benefits to aid them in comfort and pain releif. Please take a moment and read their feeback after they discovered their own "personal customized comfort".

~Outside at the beach or pool the enjoyment is endless. The comfort in the sun is being enjoyed by a lot of people. Lying facedown creates a comfortable darkness.
~Snore reduction and/or elimination on back.
~No neck, shoulder or back pain lying facedown.
~Being able to customize the pillows for personal comfort in different positions.
~Facedown on a raft, floating in a pool.
~Physical therapy comfort.
~Alleviates neck pain caused by a herniated disk.
~Can be adjusted so it hits pressure points where tension builds at the base of the neck and head.
~"Little rabbit ears" (turn it upside down and it looks like a rabbit) are great for rearranging a million different ways that feel great. Side sleeping just using one of them under the neck.
~Chronic stomach sleeper's backs are feeling better after sleeping with their pillows.
~Migraine relief by placing a flexible ice pack at the top of the headring. The cold of the ice pack & the pressure of lying facedown are giving them some relief.
~Sinus problem: place a cotton ball with an oil-based-aroma on it in the headring. The aromatherapy helps clear sinuses and lets the sinuses drain in the facedown position.
~Lying on your back, with your head in the ring and the body supports down either side of your spine can help releive tension in lower back muscles.
~Machine washable makes for ease of care.
~Massage therapist's clients that find the table with the hole in it uncomfortable are enjoying the comfort of the pillows.

~Home massage: couples are finding the pillows enjoyable.
~ A Letter:
"Interestingly enough, I have given up both my beloved feather and very, very nice posture pillow, for yours. I like the others better; they look nice, they are soft and they look normal. Yours isn't soft (which is probably why it works!), looks goofy, and clearly is the one my neck prefers. When I get tempted and use one of the others, I wake up in the middle of the night with those stabbing neck pains. And, the really funny part about using your pillow is that I never use it the way you intended (face down). I start out reading with the back of my head in the ring (relieves tension at all those pressure points). Then I turn on my side and bunch up the "ears of the rabbit" under my cheek and neck the rest of the night. It isn't very sexy, but it really works! I am hooked".
Laurie B., Pennsylvania

~ A Letter:
I just had to share with you the positive experience I had last night with my ComfyRest pillow. I went to sleep around 10:15pm with the back of my head in the ComfyRest and the body supports adjusted comfortably under my neck & shoulders. The reason I did this is because both of my trapezius muscles have been extremely tense for the previous few days. This is due to improper posture while sitting at my computer and from prolonged, poor posture due to some work I have been doing.

I woke up at 2:45am still in the same position on my back, the tension in my trapezius muscles was gone. Tension relieved without taking any muscle relaxers or pain medication. At 2:45am I switched from my ComfyRest pillow to my regular bed pillow and went back to sleep in the side position. This morning my wife said I did not wake her during the night due to snoring. Apparently this time, as many times before, the ComfyRest either stopped or minimized my snoring. I don't know which because my wife just won't stay awake all night to let me know!
Bob C., Pennsylvania

~A customer called to say that she took her SquidFace pillow on an airplane flight. It was a long trip and she was unable to recline her seat to take a nap because the gentleman's legs behind her were too long. So she folded down her tray, placed her SquidFace pillow on the tray & enjoyed a nap, comfortably, facedown.

~ A Letter:
As you know, I have been using the SquidFace as an aid to my exercise program. I need to stretch my arm & shoulder movements daily and in order to do so, part of my regimen is to lay face down on the floor. Using the SquidFace as I do this, I can continue with my exercises comfortably by placing my face in the center of it while I do my stretches. Using the SquidFace in this fashion, it allows me to breathe easily as I continue to exercise uninterrupted, not having to raise or turn my head to breathe. When I turn over on my back, the SquidFace serves as a comfortable head support for my next set of stretching movements.
Thank you so much for this wonderful product and best of luck with it!
Best regards,
Bern B., Pennsylvania

~A Letter:
I am a 46 year old female owner and user of your ComfyRest pillow. Being a financial manager by profession, I spend many hours sitting at a desk using a computer. Also, being female, I have a tendency to overload my purse. This has led to many days of neck strain. The other day the pain in my shoulders and neck was so intense, my facial muscles were pulling and I felt physically sick. I had developed a knot in trapezius muscle. I went home and immediately used my ComfyRest. My first position was lying on my back with my head in the head ring and the body supports snapped together and place directly beneath the head ring. I rested my head far back in the ring so that my chin was pointed slightly up. I had enough comfort in this position that I fell asleep. I awoke several hours later in the same position.

Since I had no intention of getting up, I change the position of my Comfy. I still laid with the back of my head in the head ring, but I unsnapped the body supports and placed them straight down. The top of the supports I pushed together to support my neck and laid with the balance of the supports running underneath me down my back. With the supports gently tapering down, my neck and back muscles relaxed. Today I was able to go about my normal day.

I have also found that when I use my Comfy face down with a cotton ball saturated with eucalyptus oil, it does wonders for my sinuses. The pillow itself allows me to place slight pressure on the affected sinuses and the face down position aids in drainage. Thank you for a product that has benefited me greatly in many ways.
Lynn F., Pennsylvania

FDA Disclaimer:
These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA.  These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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