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The ComfyRest™pillow features two parts: the head and the body supports.

The head, which incorporates our patented air-flow system, supports your head and face allowing for true "facedown" relaxation.

The body supports, are another key feature of the ComfyRest™ pillow making the pillow highly versatile. You can fold and snap together the legs in a wide variety of configurations to personalize your comfort experience.

Customize Your ComfyRest™ Pillow into 12 Multiple-Uses for Your Personal Comfort:
  1. Breathe-Easy Pillow
  2. Adjustable Pillow for Relaxing
  3. Back of the Head / Neck Rest
  4. Side-Napping Pillow
  5. Cuddle Pillow (On Side, Hugging Legs)
  6. Under-the-Covers-Over-Your-Face Pillow
  7. Ergonomic Travel Pillow
  8. Chair Pillow
  9. Face Down Desk / Table Pillow
  10. Book Rest
  11. Lap Tray
  12. Beverage Holder.

A Valued Endorsement and Recommendation:
Dr. Linda Mundorff, MPH, MSN, ND, RN, CNC, CTN. is a Registered Nurse and Board Certified Traditional Naturopath. She has over 25 years experience in curriculum and workshop development, teaching, and nursing and is the author of "Take Control: A Guide to Holistic Living." (iUniverse)..
Dr. Mundorff can be reached at Bridges to Health ( Bridges to Health is a company dedicated to empowering others to make informed health care choices.
Dr. Mundorff hlods Bachelor degrees in Health Education and Nursing; Master degrees in Public Health and Nursing, and a Doctor degree in Naturopathy. She holds Certifications in nutrition and as a school nurse for grades k-12. She is an Associate Professor and Director of Nursing-Related programs at Red Rocks Community College. She is a columnist for the Denver NursingStar and the Oklahoma NursingTimes. She is a dynamic motivational speaker and award winning author. Over the years she has helped hundreds of clients take control of their health, find optimal wellness, and happiness. She is a patient advocate and speaks to a wide audience about the importance of self-advocacy in health care. Her classes in basic anatomy and physiology and medical terminology have helped medical non-professionals and laypersons alike have a better understanding of the human body. Through her vast background in nursing and health she has been able to develop a keen sense of deviations in normalcy and thus has helped many seek relief where traditional medicine had failed.
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