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ComfyRest™ pillows, as seen on "The Tonight Show with Jay Leno"

ComfyRest™ pillows solve an age-old ergonomic problem -- how to sleep facedown without twisting your neck and body into unnatural and uncomfortable positions and still be able to breathe!

With the ComfyRest™ pillow, both your head and your body are supported enabling you to sleep or rest in total comfort with truly facedown breathe-ability.

The ComfyRest™ pillow is the most unique, multi-use, indoor-outdoor, washable pillow that you customize for your own personal comfort to enhance your relaxing experience. You will enjoy it poolside, at the beach, at home, when you travel, in bed, during a massage, while exercising or watching TV!.

Facedown Breathe-ability Comfort!

No more discomfort to your head, neck and back when receiving a massage or lying on your stomach. As the owner of the ComfyRest™ pillow you're ready to sleep or rest comfortably truly facedown. Uniquely designed as a rest for your face and head while supporting your chest, shoulders and neck. With 12 different positions it is so versatile you will enjoy it in many different ways. The best part is you can customize your ComfyRest™ pillow for your own personal comfort - and it's machine washable!

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