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Frequently Asked Questions:

What are they?
Pillows. The SquidFace™ & ComfyRest™ pillows were originally the creation of an idea for a way to lie facedown comfortably while relaxing in the sun. As the idea came to fruition the realization was that these pillows have multiple applications.

Why are they shaped that way?
The shape provides full body comfort and permits the diversified uses. With the body supports under your shoulders & chest the spine stays in alignment while facedown. Configuring the body supports (legs) in different positions lets you rest comfortably on your back, sides, while watching TV in bed or in a chair, sleeping in a car or reading a book.

How do I use them?
The instructions included with your pillow explain the varied ways to shape them to enjoy them comfortably for different positions.

Will I be able to breathe facedown?
Yes. Both pillows invoke a patented air-flow system that permits you to lie facedown comfortably without restricted air-flow for breathe-easy comfort.

Is it more than just a pillow for lying facedown?
Yes. Both pillows have many uses ranging from personal sun tanning to stomach sleeping to TV watching to side sleeping to aromatherapy to use in a car and even as a book rest.

What is the difference between the 2 pillows?
The SquidFace™ pillow is for use in the sun & around water. The bright yellow color reflects heat. The pillow will absorb a small amount of water when it gets wet so it can even be used on a raft in the water.

The ComfyRest™ pillow is for serious stomach sleepers. It is more comfortable than the SquidFace™ pillow for lying facedown. It can be used like SquidFace™ however it will absorb more heat & water.

What are legs for?
The legs or body supports are to keep you body ergonomically aligned. You can move them for the different uses.

Are they hypoallergenic?


Are they bulky to carry?
No. Just snap the legs around the handles of your beachbag or carry over your shoulder.

Does it come it different sizes & colors?
There is only one size for each pillow. The face ring of the SquidFace™ pillow can be adjusted for different sizes. The ComfyRest™ pillow is one set size. The colors available are yellow for SquidFace™ and blue for ComfyRest™.

Why have I never seen before?
They are new and recently patented. They are the first of a kind in the market. You will be seeing more of them!

Can they be used anywhere?
Just about. They are lightweight & portable.

Will I sleep all night facedown?
Probably not. You are more likely to sleep facedown for about an hour. Then you will use your regular bed pillow to sleep on your side or back.

How do I clean it?
In the washing machine. Cold water, delicate cycle ONLY. Hang to dry. DO NOT PUT THEM IN THE CLOTHES DRIER!

Can I get them wet?
Yes. ComfyRest absorbs more water that than SquidFace. Hang them to dry. DO NOT PUT THEM IN THE CLOTHES DRIER!

Why do I have trouble getting comfortable face down?
You must be patient. You must find your own personal comfortable position.
People are not accustomed to lying facedown except on a massage table. Adjust the head ring by bringing it away or toward your shoulders. Place the upper portion of the body supports under your shoulders. Keep adjusting this until it is comfortable. Try placing your arms above your head then changing their location until you find your own comfortable position. Adjust the lower portion of the body supports under your chest or away from your body completely. It takes a little while to find just the right spot.

Are they patented?
Yes. In the USA & the European Union.

Where can I buy them?
Currently they are only available on this website. Eventually we will list the retailers that offer them.

Is it Durable?
With proper care your pillow will give you pleasure for many years. Like anything else if you abuse it, it will not last. Please lie on it, don't walk on it, hit things with it or use it to hit things.

Are there uses beyond what you have explained?
That's up to you! Get creative! If you develop a use beyond what we have explained please e-mail to us a picture of yourself using it. We love ingenuity! Visit the Photo Gallery to learn more.

My snaps don't hold tight, can this be fixed easily?
Once in awhile the snaps may be a little loose when connected together. To make the fit a little more snug simply take a pair of pliers and gently squeeze the FEMALE snap sides together just a little tiny bit. Now test the fit. Please make the snaps fit comfortably, not too tight because the delicate terry cloth will not tolerate a hard pull when disconnecting the joined snaps. Be sure to hold your thumb on the bottom snap when disconnecting.

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